scan solution grids for 17 clues as of blue

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Re: scan solution grids for 17 clues as of blue

Postby coloin » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:38 pm

with my understanding of the process - its not exactly clear if splitting the search into 3 will save any time,
however the search for the 222222221 puzzles must surely be quick.

I made a very determined effort to find 17-puzzles which have 4 clues in a box.
I generated several [ over 3 million ] 22 clue puzzles with a full box [ that would be 9 clues plus 13 others]
By removing clues I found 90 % of the known 17-puzzle with 4 clues. I stopped the program - because it would never be exhaustive....

It is also not proven that band completions with 5 or more clues in a box are not worthwhile to test, but I suspect i have found almost all of the 9 clues plus 12 others
I found only 152 puzzles - the six 5plus12s were in there.
and of course no puzzle with 9 clues plus 11 others was found.
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