scan solution grids for 17 clues as of blue

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Re: scan solution grids for 17 clues as of blue

Postby champagne » Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:00 am

Milestone September 13th

Mathimagics, continues to run the slice 130-140. Band 136 is closed, band 137 at half way
I am in trouble with a recent move to another place, but the workers are again in action, the main point to solve is a limited and temporary access to the net

Band 27 is closed and band 28 is on the way and should be covered in September
Bands >= 260 are closed
Comments on this V4 will come later in a separate post.

Today, 193 "bands 1" out of 416 are closed, with no new 17.
This is 46.3% of the bands 1, but only around 27% of the solution grids.
On the worst cases side, the runtime per band 2 goes down slowly, but remains high.

Bands closed are bands index 0-27 31 189 260-415 plus bands 130-136 searched by Mathimagics.
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