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Postby Cec » Mon Oct 23, 2006 1:55 pm

Cec wrote:".....The pole vault world rankings were published a month or two back in the Melbourne "Herald Sun". Now I could be wrong but I thought Hooker and Burgess were the top two but not sure in which order. Like you, I was surprised with these rankings...."

Just an up-date on this. I noticed in today's Melbourne "Herald-Sun" that these two Australian pole vaulters Steve Hooker and Paul Burgess are definitely ranked one and two respectively in the World pole vault rankings. Hooker's best jump for the season was 5.96m (19feet 6 and one-half inches) being more consistent than Burgess even though Burgess cleared the magical 6m barrier during the season.

Hooker is aiming to break the world record (Sergey Bubka 6.14m or 20feet one and a half inches in 1994) though I like Burgess's technique better - his upper body strength is evident from his massive shoulders.. I'm sure Luna and emm would lose their breath if they saw him jumping on TV.

Thought you might be interested.

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