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SiSeSuSo = Simple Serial Sudoku Solver

Postby Hajime » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:12 am

In Excel I made a Solver for multiple overlapping Sudoku's.

Sudoku's may be vanilla/normal, X-Sudoku, Windoku, Asterisk or SudokuP (Disjoint Groups)
Sudoku's within an overlapping arrangement may be of different types.
Also scattered Sudoku's (clueless explosion etc) are possible.
Sudoku's are always 9x9.

The Solver has a limited set of methods to solve puzzles:
    Naked/Hidden Singles,
    Pointing-Pairs and Box-Line reduction,
    Naked Pairs/Triples/Quads and
    and a BruteForce/BackTrack feature.
You can check check-boxes which solving method is included in the solving.

It is probably the slowest solver around, about 10 seconds for a Samurai. A Sumo within a minute.
But you can follow the solving before your eyes. And there is a Logging sheet what cell is solved and why.
The more methods are needed to solve, the more time it takes.

Also a Generator is available, also made in excel. The Generator interacts with the Solver.
So, you can make your own puzzles of overlapping Sudoku's.
The Generator is only able to make puzzles that the Solver can solve, with lots of symmetry possibilities.
A Samurai will take about 2,5 minutes to be generated, a Sumo about 8 minutes.
The Generator needs to start with a fully filled (completed solution) of the puzzle.

All is found on the website
With downloads, examples and instructions and Sources in VBA included.

Have Fun, Hajime
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