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Postby udosuk » Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:51 pm

Interesting discussion. I have to agree to re'born that it was AndrewAZ's manner of posting that's the problem, not the actual content of his links.

Had he opened up a single thread with a title such as "AndrewAZ's interesting video clips" and keep posting his video links to that thread I wouldn't have seen any need to kill his posts. For those of us who aren't interest we could just ignore the "new post" symbol on that thread and focus on other contents in the forums.

I have to say it's Ruud who deleted his posts, but I totally support his decision. If I had plenty of time to spend then (which I don't have much now) perhaps I would have actually organised all his posts into one single thread and keep them there in case somebody actually wanted to view them. But it really was AndrewAZ's responsibility to do that and it's not the adminstrators'/moderators' job to spend a whole lot of time to clean up one member's act.

I can see at least 2 points why AndrewAZ's postings are not appropriate in here. The first one being like re'born said he created quite a few single-link threads in quick succession. Even if they're not enough to push a majority of other threads to the 2nd page etc it gives the viewers an impression that these forums are messy and badly organised. The fact that most of his posts were unreplied should have deterred him from opening any more new thread had he be sensitive enough. He should really have posted all his new video links to his original threads.

The 2nd point is that while I have a fast internet connection and like to view internet video clips such as YouTube ones, I never clicked into any of AndrewAZ's links. That's for fear of spywares/trojan horses etc (yes they can infect your computer when you open webpages of unknown sources). Same reason I seldom click into any of those "Lookey I have this amazing new online Sudoku flash game, come on and play till you pop!" links, unless they're by members I know well and trust. Not to say I truly think they're malicious webpages, but it never kills to be safe. I guess it's a personal thing.

IMHO, people who honestly want to invite others to visit their links with genuine and relevant contents should give brief introductions (at least 3-5 lines worth) and preferably a few images/screen caps of the contents, so that the most of us can decide by ourselves whether it's worth paying a visit. A simple title such as "this is very funny" just doesn't cut it.

Allow me to send a short message to AndrewAZ (in case he's still interested): I think you're just a decent guy trying to share a few laughs via some video clips available on the net. Unfortunately you did it in an inapproriate way. If you still want to do the same thing please just do it in the way I wrote above (opening a single thread and sticking to it). IMHO this won't cause too much inconvenience to you and to other members who're interested.

And finally, let me (speaking on behalf of Ruud) reassure everybody that we will make careful use of our priviledges and won't delete any content unless we're absolutely sure it's causing inconvenience to the majority of forum members. We volunteer this job to help, not to dictate this place.:)
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