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Postby zebedeezbd » Fri Sep 23, 2005 12:42 am

There must be a 9 in column 1.
It cannot be in the bottom-left block because the only options for the left-hand 13-cage in that block are 1,5,7 or 2,4,7 or 2,5,6. (The only set of three numbers that sums to 13 and includes a 9 is 1,3,9 which is blocked as an option since there is already a 3 in column 1.)
It cannot be in the centre-left block because the 9 in this block is in row 2, and column 1 in this row is already occupied by an 8.
The 9 in column 1 must therefore be in the top-left block.
Therefore the 9 in the top-left block must be in column 1.
It cannot be in row 1 or 3 due to 9s already in these rows.
Cell r2c1 is therefore a 9.
Good luck!
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Postby Noggin » Fri Sep 23, 2005 7:21 am

Thanx for the quick response:)
I was just about to respond with a disagreement but now I will be damned if you aint right. I had not eliminated the 9 option from the bottom-left block 13 cage. How I had missed it god only knows but believe me I have been looking at it on and off for days.......
I shall crack on with it and hopefully I wont have to engage your grey matter in the future. It is great that you took the time to help me out as I surely would have binned the damn thing by today.

Does anyone know a site or program that has a template for printing out Killer Su Doku puzzles which can highlight the cages better i.e. coloured cages or coloured dots in cages. I use Lotus Smartsuite if that is any help?

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Yes, there is a Killer Sudoku solver & generator

Postby djape » Wed Sep 28, 2005 6:18 am

I’m running a blog dedicated to the game of Sudoku. I’ve also created a Sudoku Solver & Generator program which now also creates and solves Killer Sudoku puzzles.

Frankly, since I've learned about Samunamupure (Killer Sudoku) I've been focusing more on it than on the regular Sudoku.

I’m also posting a daily Samunamupure puzzle on my site.

Visit for more details.
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