2 puzzles i need help with please...

Post the puzzle or solving technique that's causing you trouble and someone will help

Postby QBasicMac » Thu Oct 26, 2006 8:55 pm

Nokel asked for solutions (not how to solve) for some puzzles.

One puzzle was invalid so I provided some solutions that would be useless, just as a joke, and asked why he wanted solutions. I suspected he wanted to cheat on a contest. I was right. He confirmed that.

I posted the planets thing
QBasicMac wrote:Hey, I'm in a contest. I have to list the planets in order from the sun. Please help me cheat by providing the answer so I can beat out the stupid nerds that do there own work. TIA

in order to make a point that we don't help cheaters. I was wrong - udosuk, for one, gladly helped him cheat and the honest participants who couldn't solve it lost. Nice guys finish last again.

Anyway, as a result, I seemed to have hijacked the thread to be a discussion of planets. LOL. I should have picked a different analogy.

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