Windmill Diagonal Windoku - Basic

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Windmill Diagonal Windoku - Basic

Postby novi » Tue May 03, 2011 9:02 pm


Windmill Diagonal Windoku (also known as Kazaguruma Diagonal Hypersudoku) is my favorite type of Sudoku variant. For your information, Windoku has 9 extra regions with the constraint of only one of each digit allowed.

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I1 E1 E2 | E3 I2 F1 | F2 F3 I3
G1 A1 A2 | A3 G4 B1 | B2 B3 G7
G2 A4 A5 | A6 G5 B4 | B5 B6 G8
G3 A7 A8 | A9 G6 B7 | B8 B9 G9
I4 E4 E5 | E6 I5 F4 | F5 F6 I6
H1 C1 C2 | C3 H4 D1 | D2 D3 H7
H2 C4 C5 | C6 H5 D4 | D5 D6 H8
H3 C7 C8 | C9 H6 D7 | D8 D9 H9
I7 E7 E8 | E9 I8 F7 | F8 F9 I9
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Sudoku_Windmill_D_W_Basic_solution.png (27.68 KiB) Viewed 1093 times
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