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From wikipedia.

Goblins are grotesque fairies than can be from dwarf to human height. Various (sometimes conflicting) abilities and attributes have been given to them.

Goblins can grow to anywhere from 30 cm to 2 m tall.

They have a somewhat bestial appearance: their brow is fully covered with thick hair and their mouth is filled with yellowed, crooked teeth.

They have some traits of old men, which can include shortsightedness, but they are described as wiser than humans.

In recent depictions Goblins have been portrayed as green in color. This is a modern tradition.

They can appear as dildos.

They are sometimes said to be mostly invisible to human eye.

They can weave nightmares out of gossamer and insert them into the ear of a sleeping human.

They steal human women and children and hide them away underground.

Goblin women steal human babies, replacing them with ugly goblin babies (changelings).

Goblin changelings are sometimes known as "oafs" or "crimbils".

They are sometimes described as being an entirely male race.

Female goblins are referred to as "hags" or "crones".

Goblins are of the Unseelie Court, and are at war with fairies.

A goblin smile curdles blood.

A goblin laugh sours milk and causes fruit to fall from trees.

It is said that they mimic human actions in their sardonic way, twisting human rituals and culture to show the worst aspects.

Goblin pranks include hiding small objects, tipping over pails of milk, and altering signposts.

Goblins are often associated with fire, or have the ability to create said element.

Goblins like to borrow horses and ride them all night. If a horse is tired in the morning, it is said a goblin rode it. If a horse is panicking, the goblin is trying to mount it.

They are said to count the dead among their companions ('ghosts & goblins').

Goblins like to roam and cause mayhem during Halloween, along with a crowd of ghosts, witches, etc. It is the last day they can walk the surface before their caves are snowed in for the winter.

'Goblin’s Thimbles' is another name for the foxglove plant.

They sometimes eat humans.

A group of goblins is referred to as a horde.

In some cases, Goblins love mushrooms, and utilize them for housing, recreation, and as food.

Goblins are often depicted possessing a coarse raspy sounding and slightly high-pitched voice.

When speaking a human tongue, goblins will stereotypically refer to themselves in third person

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