Uniform Notation

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Uniform Notation

Postby Cec » Thu Mar 09, 2006 1:11 pm

I recently suggested in this THREAD that a different notation be used to signify "is not" rather than an = sign used in describing "chains" in some advanced solving techniques.

I noticed today in a later Thread from USA where
rep'nA wrote:"..Lets take one of Tso's 4 bracketed cells, namely cell (3,1). The two possible values are 1 and 2. If (3,1)2, then obviously (1,2)!2. If (3,1)1, then (3,8)8 > (3,9)9 > (1,7)2 > (1,2)!2. Since either case implies that (1,2) is not 2, cannot be 2....."

I found this confusing, particularly the use of the "explanation" sign !. I eventually deduced this sign ! meant "not equal" or "can't be" or something similar.

I'm treading into "unchartered waters" here, but I thought how easier it would be if a uniform code of terms was "adopted" along the lines of the "Terminology" thread so that we all use similar notations when posting threads which involve complex chains when explaining some of the advanced solving techniques.

I'm wondering what other members feel about this or am I 'just flying solo' on this subject.

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