Typos in Saturday's Times Killer 117

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Typos in Saturday's Times Killer 117

Postby petef » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:11 pm

Two of the cage sums were misprinted, as can be confirmed in the solution published today. In row 3, 14 should have been 13. In the lower left 35 should have been 36.

I suspect that the copyright attribution to Pappocom was wrong too.
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Postby stuartdm » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:44 am

I knew there was something wrong - I normally finish them off in about 5 minutes but I kept getting this wrong.
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Postby Son of Pappocom » Fri Feb 10, 2006 2:23 am

We do not supply the Times with their "killer" Sudoku puzzles. Petef is correct; the copyright attribution is incorrect.
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