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Triankle Killer 0

Postby HATMAN » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:30 am

Triankle Killer 0

K0 is easier and about the same level as V3, it only has one move that requires paperwork. It is paper solvable as is V3.

To me this structure works better as a killer. Semi-symmetric works well with it and also fits better as a killer. Hence I will continue producing them on that basis which I will put on the assassin site. I have already put up: K1, K4 and K2 (in order of difficulty).

The numbers are from 0 to 9.
There are 8 triangular nonets covering twelve rows and 11 columns.
The two different numbers in the centre two grey cells repeat horizontally and vertically. I.e. in row six there are eleven numbers so nine different numbers with the grey number twice and row seven the same. In column 6 there are 12 numbers eight different numbers with the two grey numbers twice.
The other eight numbers do not repeat anywhere.
The repeating numbers are present in every nonet.
Each of the other eight numbers is absent in one and only one nonet.
There are five pairs of numbers which are unknown.
If a cell contains a number the opposite cell must contain it or its partner.

Apologies cage sum positions corrected. If you carefully look at the cage boundaries there is only one interpretation, but for clarity there are cages 15/2, 23/3, 1/2 and 3/3.


If you wish to solve in JSudoku:
open as a 12 by 12 Latin Square from 0 - B
enter the eight nonets as killer cages with no sum (c, then choose operator "none")
select a cell in C6: ctrl right click select remove and then C6
select a cell in R6: ctrl right click select remove and then R6
select a cell in R7: ctrl right click select remove and then R6 (JS has renumbered the rows)
select all the nonet cells shift A then shift B to remove the A & B pencilmarks
do a set of solves to put A B in every cell around the diamond.
select r67c6 as a twin killer cage with no sum (twin killer is easier to see)
select r6 c1-5 & c7-11 as a twin killer cage 45/10
select r7 c1-5 & c7-11 as a twin killer cage 45/10
select r1-5&r8-12 c6 as a twin killer cage 45/10
Save as your TRIANKLE BASE
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