Techniques for sudoku variants

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Techniques for sudoku variants

Postby Pyrrhon » Fri Jul 21, 2006 6:59 am

Here is my list where you can find solving techniques for sudoku variants ( I skipped vanilla sudoku and killer sudoku because there are many places with these techniques). Remember the techniques of vanilla sudoku apply also in most of the variants. My hope is that other know more such technique pages to complete the list because it is not so easy to find such pages

Sudoku X (crossover, double crossover, triple crossover, triangular connection) (different techniques)

Non-Consecutive Sudoku (different techniques)

Jigsaw Sudoku/Cylindrical Sudoku/Toroidal Sudoku (law of leftovers, paired pointing pairs) (generalization of paired pointing pairs) (law of leftovers) (law of leftovers)

Jigsaw Killer (law of leftovers for jigsaw killer)

Toroidal Sudoku (repeating numbers)
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