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Suggestions for FAQ Improvements

Postby LarryLACa » Fri Sep 23, 2005 7:11 pm

This topic created to facilitate suggestions for improvement of the FAQ for this BB site. See the FAQ link included in the banner area of most displays.

Suggest: include text describing the organization of the BB. While the structure is common and readily discernable, it's not obvious to new users.

Here's notes I wrote for my self, which reflect the gap. Note the transition from BB-speak (posts) to email-speak (messages), which is today's lingua franka. Formatting needs some adjustment. The notes are terse and may need expansion.

Site & BB Structure : Pappocom publications site, with a BB forum
forums/ : BB top forums folder structured as:
- forum : collection of related topics, e.g. General/Puzzle. The number of forums is small (~15). Theyare grouped by thematic category.
--- topic : a thread of messages for the topic, e.g. Sudoku’s Math, ?some topic names repeat across forums
----- reply post : a reply messages or post to the topic
------- subject : optional subject line for reply

Creating an item is called ‘posting’.
To create a topic - see Post Topic.
To add a message to a topic - see Post Reply.
Each topic (thread) is a list of posted messages. There is no internal structure between posts in the topic. Replies are to the topic, and not tied to specific posts in the topic. An optional reply Subject may be used to coordinate posts. Replies are listed chronologically, with author, date and subject (and content). Formatting options and usage conventions provide additioal informal structure.

Search supports keyword search. The search may be restricted by forum or category, but not by topic. Results are displayed either by posts or topic. If displayed by topic there is no way expand the topic and display only the matching posts.

Forums are identified by Name and when displayed as forums carry a short description. It’s up to the originator/author to set the context in an early post.
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