Suggestions for a later version of the program

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Suggestions for a later version of the program

Postby lunababy_moonchild » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:49 pm

1 I like the puzzles which are not classic square/rectangle shapes but they look like jigsaw pieces fitting together in the grid. All the usual rules apply. Is it possible for the program to generate this kind of puzzle?

2 Would also like to choose the size of grid (i.e make the grid as big as an A4 sheet of paper can hold, if I want)

3 The ability to print the file name I give the puzzle when I save it - so that I can find the same puzzle should I need to reprint it.

4 I'd also like to see a level between medium and hard (whilst maintaining anonymous level, for fun).

5 I'd like to generate an alpha/numeric classic (9x9 cell) puzzle too.

Just in case you needed any suggestions:D

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