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sudorace : online multiplayer sudoku

Postby stephane.tavera » Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:49 am

Hello everyone,
is an online multiplayer sudoku game.

You can play alone or against other players.
The distinctive part of sudorace is in the display of players progress.
For each cell, the background color becomes darker as the number of players having filled it increases.
This really adds some stress (and fun) to sudoku solving, but it respects sudoku spirit.

Social features allow you to create group of friends, send messages,...

After subscription has been accepted by admin, you will receive an email
containing info to log in.

Feedbacks are very welcome, just use "report a bug" in the footer.
"report a bug" can also be used to propose suggestions or improvements.

Please be indulgent as it is a beta version ;-)
Hope you will enjoy !
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