Sudoku Slide Extreme - A new variant!

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Sudoku Slide Extreme - A new variant!

Postby Wrentzler » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:49 pm

Hi Sudoku lovers.

I have created a totally free, 1st of a kind, sliding tile puzzle game app based on Sudoku. Contains power-ups, leader boards, and multiple game modes.

In this game you start with the game board filled in, but the numbers are in the wrong place. Slide unlocked tiles to solve the puzzle before you run out of moves. It isn't easy, but it's fun!

2 fun and challenging modes of play:

Solo mode- Select between 4 levels of difficulty. Earn game coins by solving puzzles. You earn more coins for using less moves or solving a puzzle more quickly. Use the game coins to buy power-ups. 5 different leader boards let you see how well you are doing. There are 2 high score leader boards - with and without power-ups so you can see how well you do.

Campaign - Play levels as long as you can without running out of moves. Each time you solve a puzzle you keep left over moves to use in the next level. You earn campaign coins based on moves left over, difficulty, and time to solve. The games will get harder over time. To get to the top of the leader board you will need to buy and use the power-ups strategically.

You can download it on the google play store at ... e&hl=en_US.

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Sorry, it is only available on android.

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