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Re: StormDuko

Postby StrmCkr » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:08 am

data storage
write pencil marks
curser pm
the grid dsiplay
help menu
sets all basic data storage area's to zero/filled
set all subset date spaces used by solver
main body

sue de coq
als - xz rule

als-xy rule
save pencil mark state
load pencil mark state

updated: source file
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Re: StormDuko

Postby StrmCkr » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:54 am

soon to be updated first few posts pending final bug tests

lots and lots of updates to many to list but in short:

next build will include a puzzle generator {a bottom up logically constructed puzzle limited by technique set as some still take way to long to execute to build a puzzle with successfully}

added a p.o.M txt file function generates them all in a C:\sudoku\pom\ <--- directory
added a Pencil mark save state
added a load pencil mark save state
added a wipe the pm board and grid to zero, for quick technique testing
added batch solving back into the program

**added a write to screen function for move sets for manual solving** <--- this is the delay on release

i have and added the following:
L-wing --- {identical to Hybrid type 1}
Disjointed distributed subset {D.D.s}
Almost Disjointed distributed subset{A.d.d.S}
H1,2,3,4,5- wings
i Wings/rings

Added Transport techniques for the following list: {based off this post }
Als- xz,
als - xy,
Barns(size 1-8),
wings { xy,xyz,wxyz }
XY - chains

updated W- wings for the following new stuff and added rings
updated M - wings to eliminate for rings
updated als-xz, als-xy
updated BLR, X-wings
updated Naked & Hidden Subsets

Current projects:
Multi-sector Locked sets
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Re: StormDuko

Postby 1to9only » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:07 pm

I downloaded stormduko_vrs_6.8.pas and had a play with it. Nice. And thanks for making the source available.

Some 'features' which may already be fixed:

In procedure bfs, compiler gives a warning that var xn is not initialised.

In procedure solve, I've changed the repeat loop 'until (countpm2=countpm) or (count=80)' test to 'until (countpm2=countpm) or (count=81)', as var S does not seem updated, and saving the solution and reloading it always misses the last solved clue!

The gnu licence page is at:

Looking forward to the next release.
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Re: StormDuko

Postby StrmCkr » Wed May 30, 2018 7:57 am

Current build released

my Solver is a "find all" it dose not find 1 elimination and go back to searching for the next advancing mode, it finds all applicable for each move type before advancing to the next step.

solver code: change at your own risk of massive run times.

i implement hard coded run size search limits in the call function as a preventative measure to minimize run time,

for example
Fishfinder(5,5) {min 1 ,max 7} : searches for a min size 5, and max size 5+2 fish, where it can go all the way from (1 - 7) x (1-7)+2
running it on some grids for each of the 9 digits for all size 1x1 ->> 7x7+2 > 2 1/2 hours on 1 cycle.

for these:
1 is starting size and 6 is the near largest size searched. {the max size is 8}

extra notes:
muti sector locked sets still has bugs: don't use
aic : code started but accomplishes nothing.
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