Repeat killer NC FNC AK

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Repeat killer NC FNC AK

Postby HATMAN » Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:36 pm

Repeat Killer NC FNC AK 2

OK - a newish variant mixture which I've also put on the assassin site.

11*11 with no nonets - numbers from 0-10 - this is the smallest size with solutions to the constraint set.

Each cage must repeat and it must be maximum repeat.

It is Anti-King.

It is Non-Consecutive.

It is Fers Non-Consecutive (i.e diagonal NC).

Once you are used to it - probably an easy.

Note both are X but JSudoku gets its knickers in a twist if you apply that constraint.

For tarek:
note it is a pro-kNight toroidal wrap.


Repeat Killer NC FNC AK 1

A little bit harder.
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