Renban ORC 1

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Renban ORC 1

Postby HATMAN » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:47 pm

Renban ORC 1

As we are playing around with renban groups I thought to try one on an ORC background.

All cages are good renban groups i.e. they have a set of consecutive non-repeating numbers in any order. I'm thinking about doing one with bad renban groups which may/must have repeats.

Note that given the layout the renban groups are NC so very restricted e.g. 1234 is [2413] or [3142] and 12345 has 14 solutions.

Odd Row and Column - ORC - so it is:
ORC: odd rows and columns are 1-9 no repeat; even ones are not (i.e. they can repeat).
NN: no nonets

For all cells:
AK: Anti-King - diagonally adjacent are not equal (of course horizontally and vertically adjacent cells can repeat if in an even row or column)
FNC: Ferz Non-concecutive - diagonally adjacent are not consecutive
NC: horizontally and vertically adjacent cells are not consecutive

I solve these in JSudoku control-right click allows you to remove the row and column constraints. Note recursively solve works but deduce a move is flawed.

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