Ode To Pappocom

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Ode To Pappocom

Postby emm » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:23 pm

The new-look site gave me a jolt;
I did a double take.
What’s Sudoku Maya Gold?
Cartoons for goodness sake!?

We know that nothing lasts for ever,
But still we’re unprepared,
Unsure just how this new endeavour
Treats the things we’ve shared,

And hope that those who’ve bought this site
Appreciate its treasure,
For it’s the members gathered here
Who are its truest measure.

Among the first were those who found
An Xwing (and the rest),
And though Sudoku sites abound,
This forum’s been the best.

Advanced solutions reached the heights
Of superhuman genius,
And there was help for every type,
From newbies through to seniors.

Ideas were swapped and theories formed
(Don’t swear, though - they would ban it!)
And inspiration here was spawned
By nerds from round the planet.

And if the solving got myopic
And burnout led to strain,
Some random, oddball post off-topic
Could soothe the frazzled brain.

But Pappocom has had its day
As all things have to end,
And fans are feeling much the way
They do to lose a friend.

Our thanks to Wayne who sowed the seed
And first designed the specs,
And Scott, we hope that you’ll succeed
With what you’re planning next.

I bet that all would say the same
A thank you to the Goulds;
For it was you gave us ‘The Game’.
Thanks, guys! Sudoku Rules!
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Postby re'born » Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:42 pm

Here, here! Well said emm.
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