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Postby HATMAN » Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:18 am

OCTOLE 1 - NOFKK Reduced

I've got a bit bored with squares and rectangles so here is a change of shape.

It is udosuk's NOFKK (no operator frame KenKen) but with reduced information.

So no repeats in any row or column but repeats are allowed in cages.

Numbers are from 1-6. The numbers in the 4-columns and 4-rows are sequential
(you might be able to solve it without this).

There is no restriction on the four doublets other than non-repetition.

Numbers in the right frame are the row sum of the indices and those in the bottom frame are the column sums.
The position of the question marks place the indices in the appropriate sum.

Although it appears extreme it is only medium hard.

As I am pleased with it I'm putting it on all three forums.


I've been looking at other shapes but this is the first pretty one.
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