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Postby djls2015 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:26 pm


Just a few days ago my new book came off the press, called "3 ADVANCED SUDOKU TECHNIQUES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR GAME FOREVER". The book describes an 8 step approach that I have used over the last few years. With this approach I have solved every published Sudoku puzzle encountered, and generally in record time. I try to only address the hardest puzzles I can find. Steps 1-5 employ commonly known techniques. Steps 6-8 are unique as far as I have researched. My goal with this book is to help people become Sudoku solvers and eliminate the frustration encountered with complex advanced techniques that are difficult or impossible to understand and apply. Currently it is only available on E-Bay. Just search "Sudoku Techniques" and you will see the book with a red cover.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Dan LeKander
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