Multi Player Game

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Multi Player Game

Postby BitBanger » Thu Jul 06, 2006 2:38 pm

Would it be possible to coordinate multiple players on the same network playing the same game at the same time, sort of like a contest? Here are my thoughts on this:

    Each player would start Simple Sudoku on their computer independently
    Some method such as lists of “IP” addresses would be used to set up communications between the players
    One player would request a new game be “made ready”
    The same game would be sent to each system and the “start” button would be enabled.
    Each player could then click the “start” button and begin a timed solution to the puzzle
    Your final score would be the number of seconds it took you to solve the puzzle PLUS a preset penalty for each wrong move PLUS a preset penalty for each hint.
    The penalties would have to be very high to make the game fair.
    The scores would be exchanged between the players and the lowest score wins.
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