Minimum Cage Plain Killers

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Minimum Cage Plain Killers

Postby HATMAN » Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:02 pm

PS 4: 13 Cager

I've been working on minimum cage killers for a while and thought 14 cages was the smallest possible. However in trying to get one at Assassin level I came up with a formulation that gave paper solvable ones. As I played around trying to improve the puzzle I accidently found this 13-cager.

The requirement is for a plain killer (no cage overlaps, no zeros, no disjoint cages and no X) with the minimum number of cages. Without the zero constraint I've done a 10-cager.

I seem to remember Udosuk posting a 12-cager somewhere but cannot remember if he allowed zeros - does anyone remember?

I also have a human solvable I will post on the assassin site in a while.

Paper solvable means that I can do it on paper, normally with an SS score of around 0.75, SS gives this 0.87 but I think it overstates it slightly.


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