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Postby herschko » Tue May 16, 2017 5:35 pm

There is a new (at least to me) sudoku variant in the current issue of MAA Focus. (Mathematical Association of America), Called a meandoku, the only information is the about the average of the entries in pairs adjacent cells within nonets. One is told whether this mean is greater than, less than or equal to five. The author is David Nacin of William Paterson University, New Jersey, USA.

I am addicted to greater-than-killers. However, having been doing the for years, I know how to approach those. It is always nice to have develop a new strategy.

Sorry I don't know how to download the image, or even if this is legal. I did copy it to an Excel file. (I couldn't do it unless I could save my work and go back after mistakes.) Is it kosher to post it?
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