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Postby udosuk » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:48 pm

Here is a brief description of how to determine the cage sums:

One of the cages @ r19c5,r37c28 must have the sum 19. Only the cage @ r7c2 is possible as all other 5 are 2-cell cages (max=8+9=17).

With that, the cages @ r7c46+r9c35 are either [7,1,3,17] or [2,4,16,12]

Also, r9c12=45-r9c34-r9c56-r9c789=45-38=7

=> r7c46+r9c1234=[71{34}{12}] or [24{16|25|34}{79}]

=> r9c56 must simultaneously see {347|479} no matter what

=> r9c56 can never be {39|48|57}

=> The cage @ r9c5 can't have a sum of 12

=> The cages @ r7c46+r9c35 must be [7,1,3,17]

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Postby simbrony » Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:30 am

Yeah, I want to know how to do the trick were you make a coin appear in a soda can or those tricks were you show the audience all the same cards at once. And also the one where you have the person choose a card and put it in the middle of the deck and make it appear on the top. If you know how to do any one of these tricks or knows how to find them, please tell me.
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