How many Sudoku Books do you own?

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How many Sudoku Books do you own?

Postby LadyGrace » Sun Dec 02, 2007 4:38 am

I just am curious how many Sudoku Books Do You Own. I own 32 Sudoku Books. How many do you own and which ones do you have?

Here's my list of what I own:

What I have currently

1. Sudoku: One A Day-Puzzler 2007 Issue 2
2. Sudoku: The Original
3. Blue Ribbon Sudoku Puzzles-Volume 6
4. Puzzler: Bumper Sudoku Puzzles-Jan/Feb 2007
5. Fun N' Easy Sudoku Puzzles
6. Blue Ribbon: Sudoku Collection December 2006
7. Sudoku For Dummies:Volume 2
8. Sudoku Frenzy by Mort Woodman
9. 1001 Sudoku
10. Carol Voderman's Massive Book of Sudoku
11. Sudoku On The Go-Beginner 1-Conceptis Puzzles-copyright 2006
12. Puzzles From The World Sudoku Championship by Will Shortz
13. 10 x 10 Sudoku-Frank Longo-copyright 2006
14. Blue Ribbon Sudoku Collection-June 2007
15. Blue Ribbon Sudoku Collection-August 2007
16. Kappa's Big Book of Sudoku-Volume 3
17. ISA's Sudoku Easy to Medium Puzzles
18. The Sudoku Book-An Introduction to Sudoku with 101 Puzzles
19. Will Shortz Presents Lets Play Sudoku-Middle of the Road
20. Penguin Sudoku Under The Sun
21. By The Editors at Nikoli Publishing The Original Sudoku
22. Second Degree White Belt Sudoku-Part of Martial Arts Sudoku Series
23. Second Degree Green Belt Sudoku-Part of Martial Arts Sudoku Series
24. Color Sudoku-Book filled with tons of variants and in color
25. How to solve sudoku, a step by step guide by Robin Wilson
26. Mastering sudoku, week by week
27. Sudoku Genius, 144 of the Most Fiendish Puzzles Ever Devised by Tom Sheldon-copyright 2006
28. Mensa's Guide to Solving Sudoku by Peter Gordon Puzzles by Frank Longo-Copyright 2006
29. New York Post Fiendish Sudoku by Wayne Gould
30. The Sudoku Challenge Sterling Publishing
31. Penny Press Family Favorites Sudoku Puzzles Autumn Special-copyright 2007
32. Mensa Sudoku-Michael Rios-copyright 2005

Which ones do you own? I want to see if there are books that I don't have. Which I'm sure this is the case, as 13 of these books were gifts to me.

I think I have a pretty diverse collection. Which ones do you have?
My favorite one right now is Sudoku Genuis by Tom Sheldon.

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