History, for Analysis

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History, for Analysis

Postby StarEagyl » Thu May 05, 2005 5:21 pm

How about exporting a Tab Delimited Log? Perhaps the Submit answer command has a Log option pop up, or perhaps there's a Submit w/Log command/option. The data would include just about "everything", but most importantly the User, Date, Time of Day, Level, Time to Solve, Success??, # Retries, Hint status & number of hints -- etc.

Basically, this allows one to generate useful spreadsheets to track performance. There are many articles on using Sudoku to treat/ward-off Alzheimers, etc. (Personally I'm using it along with Chess to track recovery from an illness). The inherent facility of a Spreadsheet handles all sorts of history desires. Useful Spreadsheets could be shared here in the user community.

It's sort of embarassing posting a wish against such a really well thought out and cleanly implemented program - I do so with great humility.
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