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Postby shakers » Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:30 am

Just wondering whether it would be possible to have Halls of Fame for Very Easy and Very Hard puzzles..?

Also, if a puzzle is paused (as I seem to have to do very frequently!), why does that make it ineligible for the HoF?
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Postby Pappocom » Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:53 pm

It would be possible, certainly. Thanks for the suggestion.

If the puzzle did not become ineligible for the Hall of Fame when the program was Paused, it would be possible to manipulate the Hall of Fame times by:
1. Launching a new puzzle, and jotting it down on paper;
2. Pausing the program;
3. Solving the puzzle on paper;
4. Re-opening the program and clicking in the numbers for the solved puzzle, very quickly;
5. Waiting a realistic but impressively-short period of time!
6. Clicking Submit.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that anyone would actually do that (or care enough to bother!):)

- Wayne
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Postby shakers » Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:59 pm

Thanks for the explanation of why... although I think your closing comment about people caring enough to bother is very valid.:)

Personally speaking, it would be nice to have a record of the solving times regardless of pauses, but maybe to allay your concens it would be possible to append a "p" to the time, or display it in a different colour thereby indicating the potential for impropriety!
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Hall of Fame

Postby mfwiniberg » Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:55 am


I tend to do these puzzles in break times at work - however, I am often called away to the phone etc, so having them become ineligible for the Hof when paused is annoying!

I support the suggestion for some kind of marker in the HoF times to indicate that the puzzle was paused.

After all, if people want to cheat themselves whilst playing the program, then they are going to do it anyway! - for example by feeding the puzzle into a solver running in another window and then typing the answer in!

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