6 by 6 sudoku

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6 by 6 sudoku

Postby urhegyi » Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:27 am

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First step locked candidate (pointing/claiming) which eliminates R4C3<>2.
Second step x-wing R16C16 which eliminates R3C1<>1 and R4C6<>1.
What I can see as next step is a skyscraper at R13C1 and R14C6 linked by row 1 which eliminates R3C4<>4 and R4C3<>4, or as alternative a w-wing at R3C1 and R4C6 linked by 2's at row 6 which eliminates R3C4<>4 and R4C3<>4. Any other possibilities I have overlooked? After this solves with singles.
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after basics:
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Re: 6 by 6 sudoku

Postby 1to9only » Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:53 am

Some time ago, I modified SudokuExplainer to solve/rate 6x6 sudoku puzzles.
Forum post: http://forum.enjoysudoku.com/post273912.html#p273912
Download: https://github.com/1to9only/Sukaku6x6Explainer/releases

This solves by the X-Wing followed by 2 XY-Wings, then stte.
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after singles
.5623.3...65..3.5656.3..6..5.3.3564. 2.6, Pointing: Cells R4C5,R4C6: 2 in block and row: -2r4c3
.5623.3...65..3.5656.3..6..5.3.3564. 3.2, X-Wing: Cells R1C1,R6C1,R1C6,R6C6: 1 in 2 rows and 2 columns: -1r3c1, -1r4c6
.5623.3...65..3.5656.3..6..5.3.3564. 4.2, XY-Wing: Cells R3C1,R4C3,R6C1 on value 1: -1r5c3
.5623.3...65..3.5656.3..6..5.3.3564. 4.2, XY-Wing: Cells R4C3,R4C5,R5C3 on value 2: -2r5c5
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Re: 6 by 6 sudoku

Postby Pupp » Mon Nov 02, 2020 5:57 am

Curious but is there a practical limit on 6x6 sudoku puzzle difficulty?
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