007 Jigsaw Killer #5 - 16 cages of size 5

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007 Jigsaw Killer #5 - 16 cages of size 5

Postby Richard S » Sun Dec 17, 2006 6:43 am

Hi people,
It's been a while, but I've made my fifth Jigsaw killer with digits 007.

Instead of 1 to 9 every row, column and jigsaw-piece has to be filled with the digits 0, 0, 1 to 7.

The (sum)cages are given a colour and have all a size of five cells. I have made a nice pattern with eight different shapes of 5 cells.

Because of a unique solution with this cage pattern, I had to place two givens. It's a pity and made the puzzle too easy.:(

To make it a bit harder again, I removed the sums of the two middle cages (pink and green).:D

Maybe it's a challenge for some great puzzlemakers on this forum to produce a similar puzzle (digits 1 to 9 is also ok) without givens that is logically solvable...


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