Yet another VB Su Doku Solver

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Yet another VB Su Doku Solver

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 10, 2005 11:20 pm

Not pretty and thrown together quickly in VB6.
Downloadable from
Version 2.00 will expire but I'll put up a new version.
Has two solution modes. "Solve" uses the row/column/block elimination and unique value substitution heuristics. (I didn't know about the double identical pairs heuristic but will put that in also). This solution mode will get stuck on complex puzzles but there is an undo/redo to explore alternatives.
The [AlphaBeta] mode does a brute force solution and will always return a solution if the puzzle is solvable. I've not know it take longer than 1 minute.
There are also import/export to text and copy/paste to clipboard.
I also have a web page solver but daren't put it up on a shared host.
Andrew McKernan

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