"Yellow Pig Sudoku" -- Sudoku program for Windows

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"Yellow Pig Sudoku" -- Sudoku program for Windows

Postby yellowpig » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:56 pm

I know there are a lot of these around now, but purely for my own amusement I have just written a little Sudoku program for Windows, and I thought I might as well let people know about it since it does work. I make no claims about its quality, and it won’t seriously challenge the players on this forum, but I have put a few easy-to-play features in it, and attempted to program it “tidily”. I am finding it quite good for those “just one more game” moments that crop up so frequently.

If anyone fancies having a go at this, or perhaps knows of someone who would like to try it, then Google “Yellow Pig Sudoku” or click http://www.cowsarenotpurple.co.uk/sudoku.html. Just fun, so free of course.

Any questions, just ask.
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