Advanced methods and approaches for solving Sudoku puzzles


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Partial xy-chains [resp. xyt, xyz, xyzt] allow eliminations that seem to have been unnoticed until now. The same general principle can be extended to all the types of chains I've introduced.
Contrary to chains that must be closed on the target, or to lassos that must be closed on a previous left- or right- linking candidate, whips remain open ended. Whence the name I chose for them.

I opened this new thread only to draw attention on the general underlying principle that seems sufficiently new and may be interesting in a wider scope than what I'm doing with it in my preferred chains.

But this thread is intended as a mere pointer to counter-balance the risk of having all this burried in the already long thread where it is most natural for me to put the definition and the further analyses: http://forum.enjoysudoku.com/viewtopic.php?t=5591&start=135.

Please do not answer here. I'm not going to watch this thread.
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