What this forum is for

Notes on possible new logic puzzles

What this forum is for

Postby Pappocom » Wed Dec 28, 2005 8:17 pm

It is common in Japan for someone to come up with an idea for a new Logic puzzle and to supply a small selection of examples. Other interested puzzlers critique the puzzle and perhaps suggest tweaks that would improve it - and they supply examples of their amended puzzle. The process continues until a workable puzzle emerges.

That is what this forum is for. Post your ideas for a puzzle here. The puzzle doesn't have to be born perfect ... the rest of us can work on it until it is.

IMPORTANT: Ideas and posts contributed to this forum are in the public domain. No one can claim any Intellectual Property rights for any post (their own or others') made to this forum. If a workable puzzle does emerge, it will be open to commercial development by anyone and everyone. Accordingly, if you want to control development of your idea, do NOT post it here.

If you and a small group of contributors do become responsible for a new workable puzzle, you will at least receive the credit as being the inventors, even though your ideas will be in the public domain.

- Wayne Gould
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