Welcome to Pravda of Slovakia

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Welcome to Pravda of Slovakia

Postby Pappocom » Mon Jun 27, 2005 7:33 pm

Sudoku comes to Slovakia, through the pages of Pravda. Please enjoy this puzzle which already has a huge popular following around the world.

Pappocom's Sudoku first appeared in the Conway Daily Sun, New Hampshire, USA in September 2004, and it has appeared in The Times (of London) since November 2004.

Don't be put off by some of the complicated-sounding posts in these forums. In some parts of the world they have got quite expert already. If you want help, just send in your question, and you are certain to get a friendly reply.

- Wayne Gould (Pappocom)
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difficulty of sudoku

Postby lemonheadxd128 » Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:28 pm

i started solving sudokus before they arrived in our country and into our newspapers.. mainly on the internet, from various sites affiliated with either nikoli, pappocom, or other companies.. i checked out various programs for solving and/or generating sudokus and made my own opinion on what is good and what not..
therefore, i m a bit curious about one fact - why are the sudokus in the slovak papers SME and PRAVDA so easy? not all of them ofcourse, but more than for example in the british papers.. does pappocom supply the papers with genuine pieces of puzzle or just programs for generating the puzzles? who am i supposed to ask for puzzles with a bit higher level of difficulty - pappocom or directly the newspaper that prints them?
thank you for answering..

credit nikoli - the originators of su|do|ku - the creators of the game that we all play..
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Postby Pappocom » Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:13 pm

Three points:

1. SME is not a Pappocom paper.

2. The puzzles supplied by me to The Times and to Pravda have exactly the same distribution of grades. It is the paper (not me) that decides which grade to print, for any given day. So if you think Pravda's puzzles are easier, you should ask Pravda to choose harder grades.

3. Nikoli are responsible for the name Sudoku in Japanese/Chinese characters, but not in Western script. Nikoli did not originate or create the puzzle, however. Nor did I, of course.

- Wayne
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