Web based, easy to use, lots of features

Programs which generate, solve, and analyze Sudoku puzzles

Web based, easy to use, lots of features

Postby mike_bike_kite » Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:40 am

Go to http://www.checkmypages.com/sudoku/index.php

    It contains puzzles ranging from easy to complex.
    The first puzzle is always an easy one.
    You can either solve the puzzles or let the program do the work.
    Explanations shown for each move.
    Hint shows what options are available where.
    You can enter your own puzzles via the screen.
    You can also copy and paste the textual description of a puzzle from forums such as this.
    Best times kept for each puzzle (assuming you don't use any of the help features).
There are still lots of ideas I'd like to add but I thought I'd release it to the world and try and get some feedback first.

Thanks in advance for for trying it out.

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