The Sudoku Collection for Pocket PC

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The Sudoku Collection for Pocket PC

Postby Presto » Tue Nov 22, 2005 10:02 pm

Pocket is proud to announce the release of The Sudoku Collection, a masterful compilation of three variations of the number puzzle that has become a world-wide phenomenon.

In addition to the common 9x9 puzzle, The Sudoku Collection features both 4x4 and 16x16 variations. The 4x4 puzzle is perfect for kids and sudoku beginners. The 16x16 puzzle is designed for sudoku experts.

The Sudoku Collection also includes eight beautiful skins to choose from, music and sound effects by Jaybot7, three difficulty levels for each puzzle, manual and automatic pencil marks, saved games and an edit mode for entering your own puzzles or those from newspapers and magazines.

The Sudoku Collection is being released for the wallet-friendly price of $9.95.

For details and trial download, visit:
For game screenshots, visit:
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