SUPADOKU human style easy solver/helper..

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SUPADOKU human style easy solver/helper..

Postby Artel » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:01 pm

SUPADOKU will solve all 9x9 puzzles in a colourful fun manner. You can set the speed of solving and even solve one step at a time with text showing you how each cell was solved. The cell solutions can be reviewed for even more clarity.
Also you can make your own designer puzzles by hand.....

The strategies Supadoku uses correspond to what an average Sudoku player is humanly capable of and can be selected as required. All puzzles can be imported and filed for recall with some already available for use.

It must be the most versatile and novel solver of 9x9 sudoku available and very addictive and fun in use. It is FREE for Windows .. try it...

Try the 'Observation' mode (bottom checkbox) for the simplest ways of solving..... great FUN....

Feedback welcome.
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