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SudokuPC for Windows

Postby John Martin » Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:11 am

SudokuPC is a solver and much more! See website for full details.

Puzzles from newspapers, etc can be entered and played (or auto-solved).

Its Scrap Pad facility enables you to solve Sudoku puzzles using the usual techniques, but without the need for pencil, paper or rubber. The Scrap Pad allows you to record 'could be', 'cannot be' and 'must be alternatives' for each square. It has Undo and Save & Restore facilities. SudokuPC takes out all the messy bits, but otherwise lets you solve the puzzles as you already do!

SudokuPC uses 'click and drag' and other mouse facilities to avoid the need for keyboard entry, and it has professional quality Help facilities.

Remember, SudokuPC can be downloaded from website Let me know what you think.

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