SudokuGame where DiceAreOptional and 24 tiles are twisted!

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SudokuGame where DiceAreOptional and 24 tiles are twisted!

Postby Botchee » Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:48 am

Botchee is a game based on Sudoku of any size and shape. Consider the Xtreme edition:

Image which shows a new shape of Sudoku with only 24 tiles and the unique patterns of diagonal, corner and hat or TopHat Sudoku, as originally named. Nice that numbers 1-6 match-up exactly with six-sided dice. The game is called Botchee because a number legally placed when your turn may actually "Botch" the puzzle. A single placement may fill 1, 2 or 3 patterns for 6+6+10 bonus points plus points awarded based on the number (5 points for placing a 5) placed. Those familiar with Sudoku will quickly realize that point play quickly escalates as the puzzle nears completion. Botching becomes a strategy skillfully deployed to control the outcome of the game!

Optional, 1 or 2 dice add an element of luck and make for fast thinking. The first person to complete an X pattern wins a quick game with additional turns awarded for completing any region. Tic-Tac-Toe on steroids is how people often describe this mode. Melding is another option which simply means exchanging one tile for the sum of two. 9x9 game would begin as a conventional Sudoku with starter cells, etc., and botching allowed at some predetermined point. Check it out at

Sign-up for the league to receive notice of $24 winner-take-all tournaments ... let the Botching begin! :lol:
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