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Postby sudokuyou » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:00 pm

Check out the complete new Sudoku App "SUDOKU YOU" for Android:

I've developed the app with friends as an university exercise. It grows up to an versatile Sudoku All In App for Android.
It would be great if you test it and give me feedback.

Sudoku You is the worlds most versatile Sudoku app.
Self explaining and easy to learn.

* Intuitive design
* Smart Touch Interface

* Tracks a set of personal Achievements
* Share with and challenge friends!
* Highscores and History
* Levelgame
* Sudoku Solver

* Tip and Field leveling functions
* Undo, Redo and auto save
* Generated Sudokus for every difficulty you want
* Many styles
and more...
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