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Sudoku Instructions Program

Postby ECstep » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:10 am


I just want to inform you about my Sudoku Instructions Program, which works with any version of Windows.

Here is a very brief overview of what you can do using the program.

You can:

• Solve any Sudoku
• Enter Sudokus from newspapers etc.
• Make Sudokus (eight grades from beginner to extremely difficult)
• Save Sudokus on your computer
• Save partially solved Sudokus
• Get hints at any stage
• See all possible digits in every square (the ‘candidate table’)
• See a log of the whole solving process
• Reduce the number of possible digits in every square (‘candidate reduction’)
• Let the computer solve any Sudoku immediately
• Go back one step at any stage
• Print Sudokus easily
• Get extensive help from the built-in help file

You can see more about the program here:

There is also a free version available.

Best wishes

Erik Christensen
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Re: Sudoku Instructions Program

Postby creint » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:12 pm

Tested your freemium program, and there was not much which I could try.
Looking at the features from the menu I would nobody recommend this.
Written in Powerbasic, it looks like its an hobby project offered for sale.
Could not test the making of extremely difficult sudoku, but my guess is that it's not good.
Even if you made it free I would not use it, there are better free alternatives like Hodoku.
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