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Postby Frans » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:30 pm

There are several Sudoku solvers.
I wanted to program a Sudoku solver myself.
I was not interested in the solution, but the program had to show me how to solve a Sudoku.
I finally succeeded. But then I discovered the Andrew Stuart site.
Although I could also solve these difficult Sudokus, it was a lot of work.
So I programmed further to make this simpler.
After much testing and programming, the program is ready.
Adrew thanks for your difficult Sudoku's.
I make the program available for anyone who wants it. It is Free-Ware. (Sudoku help Version 6.1)
It can be downloaded from my OneDrive.
It only works under Windows. because the program is new, some virus scanners will not recognize this.
If you scan it with Virus Total on the web you can see that it is safe.

Below the link:!AqqUaBdOy4dli1_qv5pnup-l7DUz


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Re: Help to solve hardest puzzles

Postby creint » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:40 pm

I looked at you program, there is a special part of the forum where this belongs.
The Software section at software-f18.html.
So far my opinion:
-Input: manual and no direct number input/pasting.
-Ui/Controls: not directly clear how it works, not very userfriendly.
-Solving tech: Singles/Single groups/Sets/Strange bruteforce.
-Solving speed bruteforce very slow, cannot be cancelled.
-Code quality: .net with basic coding experience, too much code/duplication, not maintainable.
-No support for variants/generation, only solving default sudoku.
-Does not really show how to solve a sudoku.
Probably no one will ever use this program.

Is this your final release?
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