sudoku guessing with excel

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sudoku guessing with excel

Postby PatKam » Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:51 pm

:Dhello everyone,

i found the Sudoku puzzle in newspapper and find it interesting, so i wrote a Excel macro that lists possible candidates or even the answer in the cells! (i am just putting my thinking and logics into the excel'a VBA macro)

sometimes however the puzzle can not be completely solved, as i am stuck on determining when a candidate number appears in the cell only once. because if it happens, then that cell in the 3x3 block is solved!

any help/ideas please:?:
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Postby scrose » Thu Jun 02, 2005 6:28 pm

You might be interested in what this person created. You could also try posting your question in the Sudoku Programmers forum.

updated: added link to programmers forum
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Sudoku guessing with excel

Postby pewter » Fri Jun 03, 2005 9:12 pm

I gave up on excel and wrote this program to eliminate the pencil and paper work. It is not a solver, it simply defines the options for you to use your logic on.


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