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Sudoku free app

Postby astradiasoft » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:45 am

Hello, we are happy announce that recently we launched our new app. Right now you can get it on Google Play: Sudoku free
And very soon it will be available on AppStore.

Hope you like it.

Free Sodouke has:

    -Randomly generated puzzles. A completely different puzzle every time you play
    -5 difficulty levels: Very easy, easy, medium, hard and extreme
    -Auto highlighted numbers for smart hint
    -Pencil marks
    -Auto-save, so you can pause at anytime and resume without losing your progress
    -Selected cell highlighting
    -Two color schemes: Day and Night
    -Statistics (puzzles solved, best and average time)
    -Optional: Error check
    -Optional: Symmetrical puzzle
    -Optional: Timer
    -Translated to english, spanish and russian

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Get it right now on Google Play:
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