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Sudoku Assistant -- 10000 method examples

Postby Bob Hanson » Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:04 am

I'm happy to report a new site:

This site includes 11175 examples of specific methods, including:

locked candidates (1583)
naked pairs (230)
naked triples (224)
naked quartets (22)
hidden pairs (485)
hidden triples (156)
hidden quartets (1)
X-Wings (120)
Swordfish (66)
Jellyfish (2)
singly-linked almost-locked sets (1902)
doubly-linked almost-locked sets (27)
grid-based almost-locked sets (1184)
strong 3D Medusa chains (692)
weakly linked 3D Medusa chains (913)
3D Medusa with almost-locked sets (2127)
Hypothesis and Proof (1441)

Many of the almost-locked set patterns and methods (XY-Wing, XYZ-Wing, WXYZ-Wing, multicoloring, etc.) can be spotted very easily among the almost-locked set examples. If I ever have time, I might subdivide that a bit more, but the real point is that all those are just variations of almost-locked sets and what I am calling bent naked sets

So I hope that people find this site valuable. I'm particularly interested in the grid-based almost locked sets, which I think have not had a lot of attention.

The data are culled from the sets referred to as

top95 (
impossible520 (
top1465 (

(Some of the original links to these sets are no longer on the web, so I'm giving the JavaScript files used by Sudoku Assistant,, instead. Only about the first 500 of that last set is included in the examples.)

They were made by having Sudoku Assistant run through the puzzles both with and without the two "almost-locked sets" checkboxes being checked, cataloging the steps as it went.
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