SudoGu - now also with Egnlish UI

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SudoGu - now also with Egnlish UI

Postby mcox » Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:45 pm

I'm not related to the author of SudoGu, but have the impression that SudoGu is little known outside the German speaking community and therefore I take the occasion to post about it. With version 3.9 poublished a few days ago, SudoGu can finally operate with an English UI beside the default German UI. The web site is still German only.

Just to position SudoGu:

SudoGu is a free Windows only generator/helper/solver written in C# that supports a huge number of Sudoku variants and includes almost all imaginably solving techniques. Yet it has a very simple user interface compared to other "high end" solvers. So it is a program that may appeal to both beginners and experts. The author, Rudy Lars, is very reactive to feedback or bug reports and updates to the program are posted every couple of weeks.
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Re: SudoGu - now also with Egnlish UI

Postby tarek » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:45 pm

Very good design. It looks promising.

Few issues at first glance:
1. Unclear on how to copy/paste & supported formats for copy/paste.
2. Puzzle import will assume that the puzzle is a Vanilla sudoku

I haven't looked in depth at the techniques & non basic fish yet.

Well done.

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Re: SudoGu - now also with Egnlish UI

Postby JeJ » Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:44 pm

My opinion on what I've seen so far from playing with it a couple of games.

I used to use Simple Sudoku but it was too simple and switched to Hodoku, which is great for complexity and most features but I don't completely like its interface. It confuses me with its colors and the way cells are highlighted.

SudoGu seems fine. It's interface is easy to understand and the way it highlights selected cells do not lead to confusion as Hodoku does. I really like that it has the pairs function that I missed from Simple Sudoku.

The English messages need some polishing.

I wasn't able to copy the candidates to another game.
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