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Postby Pi » Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:26 pm

Box 4 and box 2

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There are the same number of ways of filling boxes 4 and 2

In box 4 i believe that if the top two rows are constant then there are 2 ways of filling the bottom row

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To fill the left hand side of thiss grid i believe that there are 30 ways (6 x 5) as you are picking two of six possible numbers for these places
and then 20 ways of filling the top two numbers in the centre colum as another candidate has been stopped at this point
I think that there are another 20 ways of filling the two numbers in the top right hand side as well for the same reasons. This would mean that there are 24000 ways of filling this box and also box 2

I now believe that there are 1455058059264000000 (1.455 x 10 ^18))ways of completing the puzzle if one box is constant

I now have this permutation grid

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As the frst box to be entered into the grid has no restrictions i believe the number of ways of making this grid is 9! or 362880

I believe then that by multiplying 362880 by 1455058059264000000 i will get my result
This answer is 528011468545720000000000 (5.28 x 10^23)

The general concensus is that the number of standard sudoku grids possible is 6.671 x 10^21 and so i am wrong

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